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just woke up and then had a nice long shower. i love sleeping in hehe… - pure to the bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
bones beauty

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[Aug. 9th, 2005|09:49 am]
bones beauty


just woke up and then had a nice long shower. i love sleeping in hehe
then i walked up to the shops with my cute lil doggie and got my breakfast - a can of diet coke
and then walked home and came on here

im still as fat as hell
i have no desire to eat cause i dont deserve to. my body should learn to survive on the fat the already exists on it. disgusting w.hore

im pissed off with my cuts. they arent deep enough. stupid head

my migranes have come back and are getting worse and ive been having trouble sleeping again..
have wierd wierd dreems all the time when i do sleep....

i borrowed the book "wasted" and "brontes story" again. and i finished them both in one night. i had read wasted before and it was werid seeing all my pencil markings and notes in it from the last time i borrowed it. its a school book and im the only one who has ever borrowed it..its weird..i want to go out and buy it cause its one of my favourites next to "stick figure" and "eli's wings". "the passion of alice" was an alright book too and there was one more but i cant remember what it was called. ill check my old food diary and see what it was called.
brontes story wasnt as good but it was alright.

cant wait to get thin
i will be thin
no matter what

love you all,